Our Pledge

We are committed to providing a high quality service whilst minimizing environmental impact to ensure continued enjoyment for future generations.

As a sign of this commitment, Highland Safaris achieved Gold Status in the Green Tourism Business Scheme, the first activity operator in Scotland to do so. As part of this scheme, Highland Safaris have a long-term relationship with Dun Coilich, a local community woodland, where we operate a practical and measurable carbon offset scheme.

We are also members of Wild Scotland, an organisation dedicated to ensuring a Sustainable future for Wildlife Tourism and wilderness experiences in Scotland and operate our own unique code of conduct and guidelines to ensure our business operations and activities do not spoil this beautiful part of Highland Perthshire. Highland Safaris operate in close partnership with The Perthshire Big Tree Country which is a brand of Forest Enterprise encouraging sustainable use and education of our modern and ancient woodlands.

We also work closely with land owners and local communities which comprise our Highland Perthshire Estates to ensure sustainable activity. Our visitors can be assured that experiences with Highland Safaris will have an economic benefit to the wider community; wherever possible all our suppliers of foods and services are sourced locally and often using Fair Trade products thus fulfilling a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Highland Safaris have developed innovative team activities and challenges, such as the unique Eco Challenge which is geared towards businesses looking to have develop more cohesive and productive teams within their companies and at the same time become more aware of their social and environmental responsibilities.

Our Mission Statement

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The Highland Safaris Pledge

The Pledge is our guideline about how we should all behave within the Highlands of Scotland. We have a deep and symbiotic relationship with our environment and we welcome everyone who has come to experience this landscape. But we ask that all visitors are mindful of the fact that this is a precious place and that everyone who lives or travels here, has a responsibility to look after it.

The six point Pledge is a promise and commitment for us to make and taking the Pledge, we are helping to protect and preserve this fragile and precious legacy.

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